OzA Series humid air ozonizers

OzA Series humid air ozonizers

image034 OzA Series ozonisers use the double-halfwave microsecond pulsed barrier discharge with sub-microsecond build-up edge of the voltage pulse. Ozonizers can be used in the processes of water and air purification, food manufacturing industry and other applications. All ozonizers have an analogue input in order to be controlled by external timer signal or computer-controlled system. In the absence of an external signal, ozonizer is at powered state. At our customer's request, ozonizers that are used for air purification in rooms and cold rooms, can be equipped with real time timer. OzA Series ozonizers are optimized to run on the humid atmospheric air with natural humidity.  Parameters of the circuit are selected so that after the breakdown of the gap of the streamer and  temporary shielding of the applied voltage, current pulse continues due to the fact that the voltage continues to grow rapidly enough. Current of the streamer protracts and its duration becomes much larger than values that are typical for barrier discharge, reaching hundreds of nanoseconds. The main energy, in this situation, is not released during the passage of the streamer head when the electric field in the gap is large, but rather later when the field becomes substantially smaller. Such conditions are more favorable for ozone generation in the humid atmospheric air environment, due to the fact that with a smaller electric field, the chance of dissociation of nitrogen (which determines the generation of NOX) and the chance of dissociation of water (which determines the formation of OH radicals) drops much faster than the chance of dissociation of oxygen that determines the ozone production. Thus, the selection of the parameters of circuit allows to reach concentrations of ozone that are high enough for the humid air: up to 10-15 g/m3, which is still acceptable for small energy consumption 20-40 kWh/kg for ozone production. In addition, an optimal choice of the operating temperature of the chamber walls (above 50°C), allows to minimize the emergence of the deposits and achieve operation life of the ozonizer up to several years without degradation of performance, and a high frequency of service of the discharge chamber. This is completely unachievable as for the classic barrier ozone generators, as well as for pulsed corona discharge ozone generators. Ozonizers are compact enough and model range covers an output range from 1 g/h up to 20 g/h. The major specifications of OzA Series ozonizers are shown below.

Correlation of the ozone output and energy consumption of OzA Series ozonizers.


OzA Series ozonizers

Ozonizer Model OzA - 1 OzA - 2 OzA - 3 OzA - 5 OzA - 10 OzA - 20
Ozone maximal efficiency, g/h 1 g/h 2 g/h 3 g/h 5 g/h 10 g/h 20 g/h
Actuation gas Atmospheric air
Nominal concentration of ozone, g/ m3 5
Maximal concentration of ozone, g/ m3 15
Gas flow rate trough discharge chamber (nominal), m3/h 0,2 0,4 0,6 1 2 4
Power consumption, W 25 40 60 100 200 400
Overall dimensions (length, width, height), mm. 320х200х120 320х200х120 320х200х120 400х200х120 400х200х120 500х600х200
Weight, kg 1,5 2 3 5 7 14
Discharge chamber excess pressure, atm от - 0,2 до + 0,2