EcoOx Series oxygen concentrators

Rapid cycle oxygen concentrators


The application of the oxygen concentrators allows to simplify and reduce the cost of many technological processes that require oxygen, allowing to produce it directly from the atmospheric air at the spot, instead of using oxygen cylinders. Oxygen concentrators can be used in the areas such as breeding, storing and transporting of fish, gas welding and cutting of metals, medicine, water purification and many others. Rapid-cycle (pressure swing) adsorption is the most modern and efficient method of extracting oxygen from the air, which allows to create oxygen concentrators in a wide range of capacities.

"ECOZON" Company has developed a model range of the highly efficient and robust Ecozon rapid cycle oxygen concentrators of EcoOx Series.

A special type of Zeolite of new generation and special design of the oxygen concentrator are used in these concentrators. Zeolite refers to a type of materials called "molecular sieves", consisting of pores with different permeability to various substances. During the operation cycle, nitrogen and water vapor are trapped in the pores of Zeolite and the oxygen goes out of the adsorber. At some point, the pressure in the adsorber is reset, which discharges nitrogen and water vapor from the pores of zeolite to the atmosphere under their own pressure. This principle is called rapid pressure swing adsorption.

Applied technical solutions allowed to reduce operating pressure of the concentrator at 3-4 times - up to 1-1.5 atm. This allows not only to lower energy costs for the production of oxygen proportionally, but also to apply modern, new types of oil compressors, such as two-rotor and rotary sliding vane. The application of such compressors allows to refuse of using of systems of condensate and oil separation, to automate startup and shutdown procedures, and completely eliminate the need for its service. Hot air from the compressor is immediately fed to the input of the oxygen concentrator, without the risk of condensation in the pipeline or in adsorbers. The system quickly comes into operating mode, can work in a steady rhythm with frequent starts and stops and can be easily scaled.

Low power consumption of the Ecozon oxygen concentrators of EcoOx Series, allowed to develop concentrators that feed by an onboard power supply of the vehicle, for use in a number of new areas, such as, for example, mobile systems for transportation of fish, etc. Besides the efficiency, the migration to a lower pressure also allowed to dramatically increase the durability and service life of the valves, to reduce down to the limit an ejection of Zeolite at pressure relief, making it possible to operate the  concentrators for years without a need of the maintenance.