Artesian well water purification systems for cottages and villages

"ECOZON" Series artesian water treatment systems

Artesian water almost always contains a few specific contaminants that must be removed during purification. These contaminants include:

  • iron
  • manganese
  • hydrogen sulfide

Apart from deironing and purification of water off manganese and hydrogen sulfide, often it is required a removal of dissolved organic compounds or salts with concentrations of certain substances that exceed of the limit values. Also, often an increased concentrations of hardness salts of ammonia, nitrate, silica, heavy metals, etc. could be found.

Water purification and its deironing requires the use of the process of oxidation of contaminants, during which iron and manganese turn into insoluble residue and dissolved organic compounds and hydrogen sulfide is oxidizing that leads to water decontamination.


For these purposes, as a powerful short-living oxidant, we can use ozone (active form of oxygen). The life span of ozone in water doesn't exceed several minutes, and so its use as an oxidant, ensures the environment friendly technologies with maximum efficiency of the process of purification. This unique quality ozone ensures absence of the occurrence of toxic components in purified water and drainage installation that are inevitable when using chlorinated reagents or potassium permanganate that used in the filters for deironing of water.

The ultrafiltration membrane is used for filtration of the insoluble oxidation products, suspended and colloidal particles. It is the most economical and reliable way of the mechanical purification of water. Ultrafiltration is incomparably more effective than filtration through the granular filters that used in conventional systems for water deironing, because in this case, the size of filtered particles is a thousand times smaller. If necessary, in the systems of water purification and integrated treatment of "EcozonOuf" Series, a deep level of cleaning of contaminants and hardness salts can be applied using a reverse osmosis membrane with possibility to control a desired level of hardness and salinity.

The systems of «ECOZON OUF» Series are built on a modular scheme using the basic standard elements:

  1. OzA Series humid air ozonizers. OzO Series oxygen concentrators.
  2. Microprocessor-based control systems equipped with big touch-screen.
  3. Cartridge or hollow-fiber ultrafiltration membranes.

Installations can be supplied as assembled, as well as separate units for subsequent installation by the customer itself.